Kite Surfing at Monte Hermoso

Famous for its constant winds, ideal for nautical activities, Monte Hermoso has witnessed the growth of this sport that perfectly combines air and water...

One only needs to stroll along the shore and look at the sea in order to observe dozens and dozens of men hanging from their colorful croissants, jumping, advancing, and playing. One may even say they fly inside the sea with their boards. Kite surfing is one of the most practiced activities on the Argentinian coast today.

An ideal sport as a result of the general presence of the wind in the area, it is gaining more and more followers who search for adrenaline and the pleasure caused by two activities so different: paragliding and windsurfing. Kite surfing is the result of this merger.

Kite surfing is a surface water sport that consists in using a kite or sail that catches the wind and pulls the rider along who, in turn, stands on a kind of wakeboard.

  • Its constant winds

    Its constant winds

  • Perfectly combines air and water

    Perfectly combines air and water

  • Colorful croissants

    Colorful croissants

  • A fantastic show

    A fantastic show

  • It is a matter of time and learning

    It is a matter of time and learning

The idea is that the rider may catch the wind with the kite and then use its speed, perceived once the board is sailing.

“It is a matter of time and learning”, most riders seen today on the Argentinian shores, including Monte Hermoso, assert. They also advice starters to take a course. During these courses, students make contact with the gear, the use of each piece and of course the safety measures, as well as the right technique to “sail the sea”, as some kite surfers like to say

Very early every morning, but especially at dusk, when most swimmers have already retired, dozens of kites featuring the most varied fluorescent colors conquer the water and the air. And thus, the show begins.

They occupy practically the entire horizon and summon thousands of spectators every afternoon who gather around to observe slide movements, races and the most amazing jumps over the water.

The children watch the show in amazement while teenagers and youths prefer to give it a try with some instructor or at some school. Courses combine theory and practice, provided that the sea conditions are favorable for beginners.

One just needs to walk the beach to see them. That is an attraction itself. There is no doubt that kite surfing is one of the most popular sports at Monte Hermoso.

The colorful croissants invade the skies and own the sea. They jump, they run and everyone enjoys this sport any way they like.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Jorge González


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