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When the weather is not hot enough to go to the beach, Lake Sauce Grande is an ideal alternative to practice silverside fishing and nautical sports. And it lies just 7 kilometers away from Monte Hermoso.
A real haven lies only 7 kilometers away from the City of Monte Hermoso. Silverside fishing enthusiasts and lovers of water and wind sports quench the thirst for their passions at Lake Sauce Grande.

This 700-hectare water body is a kind of sanctuary in the Buenos Aires, which has succeeded in giving its usual visitors real trophies that have surpassed 2 kilograms of weight and 70 centimeters of length.

Even if anglers from all over the country are summoned by the winter season, this is also a favorite site to enjoy an asado or a day outdoors in the company of the family during the summertime, when the weather is not hot enough to go to the beach.

Its grills and green spaces, where every detail is taken care of by the people in charge, guarantee that visitors will enjoy a day in the countryside by the lake. They have the chance to rent a boat and go out rowing, walk along the shore or try and fish some silverside from the coast.
  • 7 kilometers away from Monte Hermoso

    7 kilometers away from Monte Hermoso

  • Silverside fishing

    Silverside fishing

  • Live a different day

    Live a different day

  • Rent a boat and go out rowing

    Rent a boat and go out rowing

This water body lies so close to the City of Monte Hermoso and is so easily accessed that many water and wind sports, such as windsurfing and kite-surfing, become protagonists in the lake when conditions at sea are not the best.

In these cases, the road that separates the lake from Monte Hermoso is invaded by 4WD vehicles, the shocking colors of sails and boards, and a great deal of youngsters who find a way to take advantage of the day and enjoy an unusual outing at this location.

For all these reasons, Lake Sauce Grande (or “La Sauce”, as referred to by the locals) is perfect to enjoy a different option during a stay in Monte Hermoso.

Sunsets are magical, to such an extent that many steady residents of the city know that there is no better place than the lake to indulge themselves with some mate in the afternoon, when the sun starts its way down the horizon.

It is certainly worth a visit.
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