Where to Play Golf in Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata’s links offer the possibility of playing opposite the sea, in the hills or in the cliffs. The famous golf cathedral is something unique and not to be missed.

This sport was first played by the high executives of the British railways in the dunes of Playa Grande in 1890. Ever since, the city of Mar del Plata has grown a passion for golf and today has four clubs and five courses of international level, approved by the Argentinian Golf Association, available all through the year for the practice of players with our without handicap.

Mar del Plata Golf Club

Located in front of Playa Grande in one of the most aristocratic neighborhoods in the city, the club has two courses.

The so-called Old Course is short and undulating, an authentic link of the Scottish type, with 18 holes and a 6,024-yard routing for gentlemen and a 5,431-yard routing for ladies, par 70 and 72 respectively, with uneven ground, bunkers and narrow fairways. It is one of the oldest golf courses in America and, as a result of the unevenness of the ground and its hard challenge, it was nick-named “the cathedral”. During the summer season, “El Abierto del Sur de la República”, the most important golf tournament in the country, is played here. Its club house is a historical building and it was inaugurated in 1926 as one of the most beautiful chalets in the area. Today, it is part of the cultural heritage of the city, with a magnificent view of the sea that accompanies players during the entire routing.

  • Mar del Plata Golf Club

    Mar del Plata Golf Club

  • Club Cliffs

    Club Cliffs

  • 3 golf 9 holes

    3 golf 9 holes

  • The Cathedral of Golf

    The Cathedral of Golf

Only five kilometers away, lies the so-called New Course, a kind of park course, built in a 50-hectare venue, with 18 holes, a 6,527-yard routing for gentleman and a 5,678-yard routing for ladies, par 71 and 73 respectively.

Club Mar del Plata Golf Los Acantilados

Located in the Los Acantilados residential neighborhood, approximately five kilometers from the Punta Mogotes lighthouse, this 90-hectare field lodges with 27 holes, park like, with large fairways, excellent pine forestation, cypresses and cedars and with the difficulty given by a lagoon in the back of the course, which borders on four holes.

This club usually organizes tournaments, such as the “Copa de Oro Senior” and the “Copa Dr. Eugenio Blanco” in October and January, respectively.

Sierra de los Padres Golf Club

This is a beautiful 40-hectare field in Sierra de los Padres, with 18 holes in a 6,395-yard routing for gentlemen and a 5,754-yard routing for ladies, par 72 and 74, respectively. The course turns out to be a special challenge for players as it has been built in the foothills of Sierra de los Padres, its fairways are narrow and they are surrounded by abundant vegetation.

The player will generally stand on an inclined plane. Its greens are large with the typical undulation of the ground, defended by bunkers and “las calles”, off-limit spots, are part of the game in several holes.

Two tournaments have special relevance: “El Tee de Oro” which is held in November and the “El torneo Amistad” which is played in February.

Marayuí Country Club

This beautiful estate has a 9-hole course on a double green. The course is American, with a quaint creek of great volume of water that crosses the field, thus forming an excellent attraction for players, who will have to face this natural challenge in three of the holes.

The old grove that decorates the course was planted in 1945 under the directions of real professionals. Its fairways cross the venue surrounded by impressive residences, and the routing ends in a Tudor mansion that has become the club house. The “hoyo 19” can be enjoyed there. Furthermore, the place offers accommodation – un unforgettable experience.

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