The Mar del Plata Contemporary Art Museum

Ever since it was inaugurated, the Contemporary Art Museum in Mar del Plata has been one of the must visit attractions on the Atlantic Coast in the summer.

We got ready to see one of the most amusing and attractive museums in the so-called "Ciudad Feliz" (Happy City) today: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Mar del Plata (MAR). We searched for the famous Camet Avenue and its intersection with López de Gomara. There is where we found it.

During its inauguration season (summer 2013/14), plastic artist Marta Minujín immortalized this city of sea lions as an icon when she built her own sea lion with 80 thousand golden wrappings of alfajores Havanna (another classic of La Feliz). This statue ornamented the event held to inaugurate this new cultural space featuring over 7,000 square meters where permanent and temporary art shows will be on display.

During the inauguration season, the show Ola Pop en el Mar paid homage to the artistic and cultural movement of the 1960s and its imprint on world art.

The show called “Yo, Sandro” was carried out as a commemoration to Sandro. Other tributes were paid to unforgettable Alberto Olmedo (another emblem of Mar del Plata) and Pope Francis, with unpublished images and material about the first Latin American and Argentinian Pope.

  • A tribute to Pope Francisco

    A tribute to Pope Francisco

  • With 80 thousand golden wrappings of alfajores

    With 80 thousand golden wrappings of alfajores

  • Fun and engaging

    Fun and engaging

  • Plastic artist Marta Minujín

    Plastic artist Marta Minujín

  • The show Ola Pop en el Mar

    The show Ola Pop en el Mar

  • Argentina dela payment debt with corn

    Argentina dela payment debt with corn

In addition to all this, there were concerts, tribute bands (to Sandro, Elvis and The Beatles) and rock concerts.

Ever since that perfect inauguration that is already part of the history of Mar del Plata, The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAR) -Contemporary Art Museum- has become the epicenter of summer culture. The news of what artists are on display at this true cultural oasis by the sea is revealed during January and February.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Pablo Etchevers

How to get hereHow to get here: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in Mar del Plata lies on the corner of Camet Avenue and López de Gomara Street (meters away from Constitución Avenue).


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