A Day in Aquasol Water Park

In the entrance to the City lies a place like no other. A huge water park awaits visitors who wish to enjoy its large slides, the water and endless waves.

In the entrance to the lies a place like no other, full of magic and fantasy. A huge water park awaits visitors who wish to enjoy its large slides, the water and endless waves.

The Aquasol aquatic resort is a huge venue with a capacity for almost 5 thousand people and it offers various aquatic and recreational activities.

It includes everything from enormous water slides and a novel swimming-pool with waves to park areas that help tourists relax. The place is so spacious that each member of the family can find their own formula to spend a good time.

  • Wave pool

    Wave pool

  • Boomerang


  • Zip line

    Zip line

  • Match 5

    Match 5

  • Extreme Ice

    Extreme Ice

  • The best day of summer

    The best day of summer

  • Navigate in Canoas

    Navigate in Canoas

Feel Vertigo
The great variety of giant slides is what has made Aquasol so popular. Featuring light and sound effects that create thrill and give way to adrenaline, these structures have succeeded in mingling the enjoyment of water games with the vertigo of roller-coasters.
Going down these slides, especially the one called "Kamikaze”, is a real adventure no one should miss. In addition to adrenaline -100% guaranteed- all necessary safety measures have been taken so that everything turns into pleasure.
A modern Tyrolean rope crosses over the swimming-pools and takes visitors on an exciting air tour. It is also possible to enjoy the natural lake (from where the water of the park is pumped) and sail across it on small canoes waiting on the shores.
Children may have fun at the “Aqualandia” swimming-pools (a specially conditioned aquatic world) in the land of Manuelita the Turtle or at the Enchanted Castle.

Waves without Wind
Declared as a tourist interest site by the National Tourist Office and by the authorities of the Province of Buenos Aires, this place was created over 18 years ago and it has turned into an icon of the city, including new attractions every summer for the family to experience and enjoy new sensations.
Thus, a few years ago, a giant swimming-pool with artificial waves, which is the largest in South America and the only one in Argentina, was incorporated in the park. Both grown-ups and children enjoy the best waves in the clear water that immediately make them imagine they are in the Caribbean.

The swimming-pool, quiet for a couple of minutes, begins to get crowded by lovers of water who come along carrying various elements to help them float. From a control post, a deep voice anticipates the arrival of the waves.
“The waves will be here in 5 minutes….4 minutes…3 minutes…” and suddenly, a swell begins to move the surface of this big water body along with everything floating inside it, namely: the bathers.
A unique and memorable moment. The phrase “The best day in the summer” has remained in the minds of all attendants. A sensation that does not exist anywhere else in the Atlantic coast, except in an ideal sea.

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Contact of the excursion or tour

Aquasol Parque Acuático

Autovía 2 Km. 386 (7600) Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires

Tel: +54 223-4600119

Bear in mindBear in mind: Aquasol opens on a regular basis, even on days when the weather may prevent visitors from going to the beach. The venue opens on rainy days (except in case of electrical storms). Visitors may access the water park on their own vehicles or on buses provided by the resort which leave everyday at the same time from downtown Mar del Plata


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