Mar de las Pampas from the Heights

From a different angle, a vantage point boasts a view of the ample horizon of the coast, showing off the canopies below us and the sea in the background.

Visitors to Mar de las Pampas may choose to go for a walk around the center, taste some gastronomic delicacies and also discover an elevated balcony that could be taken for a lighthouse. A very peculiar pub that has access to a terrace where we can catch a glimpse of the local scene is located at the so-called Paseo Aldea Hippie.

It was noon and, after a long stroll around the handicrafts market, we resolved to make a stop somewhere to have lunch and let our children enjoy a recreational space. In addition to tasting some delicious pizza and other homemade dishes, we took advantage of the stairway to heaven that led us to the observation deck. A spiral staircase led us to the viewpoint and we could see things through different eyes.

The woods looked thicker and the sea, though partially covered by the foliage, sounded stronger than usual. We took some photographs of that landscape and stayed there for a while until other tourists came up and we thought it was better to let them use that space.

  • Like a lighthouse

    Like a lighthouse

  • From a different angle

    From a different angle

  • A spiral staircase

    A spiral staircase

  • From here everything is different

    From here everything is different

  • The treetops underfoot

    The treetops underfoot

We returned to that place during the night and discovered some light spots located above the venue, making it resemble a lighthouse. From that moment on, our children asked to go back once and again to this charming place to enjoy the playground and climb the steps towards that viewpoint that looked more like a tower and a fixed mark for seamen.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Pablo Etchevers

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