Things to do in Mar de las Pampas

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Beach and Bar at Mar de las Pampas

It sees the sunset everyday. It gets crowded and crazy everyday at noon and, in the afternoon, it welcomes the first stars that make the place the ideal one to wait for the moon in the candlelight.

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El Nido Bistró Mar de las Pampas

In Mar de las Pampas, a few meters from the Argentinean Atlantic Sea, El Nido Bistró is born in the middle of a forest of pines, acacias, cypresses and eucalyptus.

Contemplative Tourism

Heading for the Hippie Village

Local craftsmen unfold their beautiful productions at a market that represents a gathering point for locals and visitors alike.

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Horseriding around Mar de las Pampas

A beautiful way of visiting Mar de las Pampas and its surroundings is on horseback. Forests, dunes and sea are part of an ideal chemistry to give free rein to an adventure that may become extraordinary.

Contemplative Tourism

Visit to the Querandí Lighthouse

A visit to the Querandí lighthouse. On a 4x4 truck from the Second World War, dunes are crossed till the naval hydrographic post where the lighthouse stands is reached.

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Walking from Mar de las Pampas to Villa Gesell

The idea is to go for a whole-day walk to the nearest city. Villa Gesell awaits with a wide array of incredible attractions, both traditional and new.

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Archery in Mar de las Pampas

In the middle of the leafy forest of Mar de las Pampas you can practice shooting a target bow and arrow in an ideal entertainment field for the entire family

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Mar de las Pampas' Restaurants

We present interesting and various gourmet offers which, when combined with good service, make every visitor's stay in Mar de las Pampas go beyond just beholding the natural landscape.

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The Streets of Mar de las Pampas

The urban grid is one of the main features of this seaside village which boasts its slow pace and challenge visitors to join them.

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Cycling across the Pampas

Mar de las Pampas is the ideal spot for those who love cycling. It lodges a paradise for cyclists where the forest and the sea become the great protagonists.

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Mar de las Pampas from the Heights

Just like the beach is the main attraction during the summer, other points in this seaside resort offer interesting features, such as a particular view of the surroundings.

Contemplative Tourism

Mar de las Pampas: Slow Life

Everything from the popular fable of the hare and the tortoise to the new self-help books inviting people to reflection and a new lifestyle has the same meaning: change.

Tourism in Buenos Aires

The scenes contained by the Province of Buenos Aires are quite different: the countryside, mountains, large cities, lakes, the Paraná Delta and the wide array of beaches on the Atlantic coast.

Hotels and accommodations in Mar de las Pampas

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