Constantino Vicci's Private Museum

The pieces treasured by this museum were found, classified and turned into a highly valuable exhibition resulting from the personal work done by its owner.

The District of San Antonio Este is small and its main activity takes place at the overseas port. The patience and effort of one of its old settlers, Mr. Constantino Vicci, gave shape to a museum that concentrates elements of great value.

We were guided by Mr. Vicci himself, who led us around the rooms where archeological and paleontological items are neatly displayed together with ancient daily tools.

He told us about his outings in the countryside in the company of his son-in-law, when they found the arrow points, the chaquiras (bead necklaces) and other elements made by the natives. We stopped to appreciate a set of animal and vegetable fossil remains, which included turritella, shark teeth, monkey-puzzle trees, pine nuts, figs and pampas grass. There were also some weapons, bullets and tools used by the soldiers who fought during the Desert Campaign led by Julio A. Roca.

  • Archeological and paleontological items

    Archeological and paleontological items

We saw a couple of ancient human vertebra crossed by native arrows. Our cicerone told us some stories that gave evidence of the harsh reality soldiers and natives had to endure while fighting for the territory.

Our tour ended at an area where daily tools used by the colonists that reached this region in the last century are on display. Furniture, kitchen and farming items were donated to the venue by some local denizens.

We were grateful for the guided tour and promised Mr. Constantino Vicci we would spread the word about his valuable collection.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Jorge González

How to get hereHow to get here: Search for the market called Minimercado Mirador, as the museum lies right next to it.


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