San Antonio Este and Its White Beaches

San Antonio Este is an overseas port with a small steady population and a long seashore featuring unspoilt beaches.

Being part of the District of San Antonio Oeste, San Antonio Este has a deep water port. This is the starting point for a sequence of very well-known ample beaches of white sand.

After traveling 70 kilometers from Las Grutas, we reached the port with the wish to see the tasks carried out at the vessels moored at its docks. The town has few houses and steady denizens and most of them work at the port.

As tourists are not allowed at the docks, we were pleased to watch the huge cranes loading and unloading goods from a distance. Products from Río Negro, and especially fruit from the Alto Valle area, are shipped abroad at this location.

  • Nestled in Gulf San Matías

    Nestled in Gulf San Matías

  • Walked on a blanket made of seashell

    Walked on a blanket made of seashell

  • Its White Beaches

    Its White Beaches

  • The seashore

    The seashore

The port lies on a peninsula. Punta Perdices is located to the north and Punta Villarino to the south. We toured around the former and reached Caleta Falsa, a space where fishing may be practiced either on the shore or on board some water-craft.

Punta Villarino is praised by anglers for the silverside and other varied species that may be caught there according to season. Likewise, there is a very attractive beach where camping is allowed within a quiet space.

As we returned to the village, we visited the small private museum owned by Mr. Constantino Vicci. It is located next to the supermarket called Mirador. It contains historic and paleontological pieces and documents gathered for 30 years.

The seawater is warm at the white eastern beaches, like all throughout Gulf San Matías. We enjoyed a quiet space and walked on a blanket made of seashell which still play the sound of the sea.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Jorge González

How to get hereHow to get here: The roundabout where Routes 3, 2 and 251 converge lies North of Las Grutas. Take National Route 3 towards the east up to the following roundabout. Then turn south towards San Antonio Este getting past Baliza San Matías. Travel 70 kilometers and check about fuel supply before departure.


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