Getting to See La Falda

La Falda is one of the most traditional cities in the Punilla Mountain Range. Every year, thousands of tourists are lured by the natural sceneries featured by these eye-catching hills.

The City of La Falda lies just 80 kilometers away from Córdoba International Airport. Nestled in the foothills of Sierras Chicas, on El Cuadrado hillside, about 934 meters above sea level, this small settlement is immersed in the mountain range. It is bordered by the Hermoso Valley to the South and the small District of Huerta Grande to the North.

One of the most popular sites among tourists is La Falda Dam, which presents spaces reserved for sports. Fishing of carp and silverside stands out. Likewise, water sports such as windsurfing, waterskiing or jet-skiing are also practiced.

As well, anglers may catch trout in the distant hills, after long hikes. But the aim of a trout over a kilo is worth the sacrifice.

  • Natural sceneries

    Natural sceneries

  • The water present everywhere

    The water present everywhere

  • The city center

    The city center

  • The old Edén Hotel

    The old Edén Hotel

  • Eden travel on the road

    Eden travel on the road

  • 934 meters above sea level

    934 meters above sea level

The City of La Falda offers its own attractions and tours, in addition to galleries and panoramic viewpoints from where visitors may observe the beautiful buildings of a settlement where the old and the modern co-exist in harmony.

At first sight, there is one outstanding construction: The Saint Sacrament Church, from where the entire impressive region may be watched.

The famous Edén Avenue is getting prettier and prettier. It is in charge of defining the different moments of the day and of the night too, when it is open only as a pedestrian road and thousands of people invade its surface to stroll and enjoy nightlife in town.

During the day, it becomes crowded with traffic, though in the afternoon, when it is time for a nap (something respected even in the hot summer days), the avenue is dead calm.

Later on, the youth occupy the streets. Video games halls, stores, galleries where tourists may buy souvenirs and clothes of all kinds are the favorite places where young people shop.

As the sun sets, cars cease to appear and, to everyone’s satisfaction, El Edén is turned into a pedestrian promenade. At this time of the evening, there are several must-visit locations: the local casino, the craftsmen’s market and -for the most demanding tourists- the old Edén Hotel, a little bit afar, nestled in the mountain range. A dreamed-of place.

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