Historic Tour around Hotel Edén

A tour around Hotel Eden, a construction surrounded by beauty and history, becomes an attraction once again while visiting the City of La Falda.

Roberto Balhke discovered the territory of La Falda in 1891 and was so charmed by it that one year later he purchased 1,250 hectares with the purpose of building what today is one of the main monuments in the province.

The construction of Hotel Edén began in 1895. Four years later, it was inaugurated with all its facilities and comfort, unthinkable in those days. This undertaking was vital for the economic and tourist development of the City of La Falda.

In 1904, the thousand hectares and the hotel were sold to María Krautner, who in turn sold them in 1912. Bought by the Eichhorn brothers –who came from Germany-, the facilities were enhanced and new services were added.

Due to the debts generated by the refurbishing works, the Eichhorn brothers resolved to sell part of the land to Emilio Wenwe to get money and thus afford the expenses to renovate the hotel.

  • German ornamentation

    German ornamentation

  • Surrounded by huge gardens

    Surrounded by huge gardens

  • A historical symbol

    A historical symbol

  • Surrounded by clear waters

    Surrounded by clear waters

  • Provincial Historical monument

    Provincial Historical monument

A few years before World War II, the hotel used to work as a German cultural center. In 1939, right after the war started, the crew of the battleship called Graf Spee, which sunk in the Río de la Plata, was confined in Hotel Edén.

In 1945, the hotel was seized by the Argentinian government, which used it to lodge Japanese diplomats and their families for two years. It was at this time that the emblematic eagle on the main façade of the building was torn down.

In 1948, the government gave the hotel back to its owners. Due to the debts, the hotel passed on from one owner to the next until 1964, when María Teresa Carbone de Autilio and Armando Balbín took possession of the venue.

Already in the 1960s, its decade of decadence began. It was closed and stripped of its contents. As time went by, it was plundered and destroyed.

On August 8, 1988, it was declared Municipal Historical Monument by the Deliberating Council of the Municipality of La Falda. Afterwards, it was acknowledged as Provincial Historical monument and today, the necessary proceedings are being carried out so as to grant this building national significance.

Featuring eclectic architectural style, with French towers and German ornamentation, it is surrounded by huge gardens and framed by magnificent hills. Hotel Edén is a historical symbol not only for the area but also for the country. It is completely worth a visit. Travelers should definitely go on a guided tour around it.

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