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Villa Giardino is often considered the pearl of the Punilla Valley. Different from the rest, it has a special component that gives way to fanaticism. A unique place minutes away from La Falda.

Villa Giardino is a small settlement where attention is paid to every single detail. It stands between two larger cities: La Falda and La Cumbre. However, this fact does not throw the beauty of its own tourist attractions into the shade. Some of the most outstanding sighs are the Thea Mill, San Pablo swim resort, Portecelo Dam, Portecelo municipal swim resort and Los Quimbaletes swim resort.

Its water bodies provide Villa Giardino the necessary humidity that nature needs to show off its entire splendor. No matter what season we are in, this picturesque city seems always in bloom.

A broad avenue shows the access to this urban settlement from National Route 38. Some cabins and restaurants featuring certain Patagonian reminiscences in their architectural style give evidence of how different this place is from the traditional chalets in the region. Wood and stone are essential elements in the latest constructions.

  • Different from the rest

    Different from the rest

  • A particularly cool and quiet beach

    A particularly cool and quiet beach

  • Plaza San Martín

    Plaza San Martín

  • City center

    City center

  • Pearl Valley Punilla

    Pearl Valley Punilla

The cabins have multiplied significantly, just as the galleries and commercial units, usually occupied by handicraft stores, gastronomic venues and other activities regarding tourism.

The local cultural attractions include George Miciú’s Hall. This is one of the most important impressionist artists, whose formation is closely related to these mountains.

Other unforgettable sites are the Chapel of Mercy and the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, visited by the locals everyday and a point of encounter for the faithful, who take advantage of their stay in the area in order to visit these well-known places.

But if there is one memorable site considered one of the most beautiful in the entire village, that is the Craftsmen Road, which joins this district with neighboring La Cumbre.

This road made of dirt is in very good condition, even when it rains. It features the most stunning views of the hills of Córdoba. Typical wildlife is entwined with handicrafts stores.

Countryside items, others made with roots, wood and typical elements provided by the prodigious local nature are displayed to both sides of the road and succeed in making motorists stop to see what is inside each store.

An ideal tour for the entire family.

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