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Apples National Festival

Like every year, the cities in the Río Negro Valley (having General Roca as a venue) dress in full regalia to honor one of the most perfect fruits created by nature: the apple.

Contemplative Tourism

The Rich Valley

<i>Alto Valle</i> is known for its export-quality fruit production. A tour around the farms shows us this important component of the economy of the region.


Hundred-Year-Old Winery in Rio Negro

A visit to Humberto Canale Winery, a wine-growing pioneer in Patagonia, unveils its modern processes of wine-making for export.


Life Stories at the Vintter Museum

Vintter Museum, as all the museums in the region, gives evidence of the life periods of the peoples with jealously kept facts and circumstances.

Contemplative Tourism

San Martín Square and its Artisans

Every weekend afternoon, the main square at General Roca welcomes local artisans who occupy colorful stands where their goods are offered for sale.

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Isla 32 on the Shore of the Negro River

On the shores of the Negro River, there lies the most outstanding recreational area in the city, which harmonizes vital nature with the practice of a wide array of sport activities.

Tourism in Río Negro

The Province of Río Negro stands between the Andes Mountain Range and the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Both ends feature different geographical traits and are popular due to their tourist destinations.

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Rural Tours in General Roca

In General Roca you can travel 8 km. along rural roads in comfortable restored carts drawn by horses that will take you to the past...

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Adventure Sports in General Roca

The surroundings of General Roca represent a great finding for lovers of adventure sports, who take advantage of the endless geographical shapes in order to go around local circuits.

Hotels and accommodations in General Roca

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