Adventure Sports in General Roca

The cliffs, the soft undulations and the water bodies are the appropriate condiment for recreational activities that may be enjoyed year round.

The development experienced by sports activities in the last few years has made it possible for the area of Alto Valle (High Valley) and the proximity of General Roca to offer a perfect scene to practice a wide array of outdoor sports.

There are trails and well-defined areas for the various disciplines, both for beginners and experts in mountain trekking or climbing. These activities may be practiced by people of all ages according to their physical conditions.

Such healthy exercise as hiking offers our lungs and minds the chance to add a dose of good health to our bodies. In the meantime, the scene and the wild aromas change as we walk on.

Those very trails invite adventurers to go on a soft bicycle ride. Other circuits represent a bigger challenge, generally those made of dirt or gravel, which leave us at the very edge of a cliff. The effort of cycling in the mountain is compensated with the possibility to see the rich local geological origins. In addition to the cardiovascular benefits of physical exercise on a mountain bike, cyclists may cover longer distances than on foot.

  • The cliffs

    The cliffs

  • The water bodies

    The water bodies

  • Climbing


  • Paragliding


  • Rappelling


We experienced going on a circuit that combines trekking and cycling and we could access the river viewpoint, the vantage point over Valle de Luna Roja (Red Moon Valley), Tres Cruces (Three Crosses) Viewpoint and Colorado Ravine. In addition to all the wonders nature offered during the tour, we could appreciate the presence of a sea shell from the Cretaceous embedded in a rock.

Both paragliding and rappelling are usual activities in the area when allowed by the weather and the wind conditions. The great deal of natural or artificial water bodies have contributed to the practice of nautical sports and fishing, which summon a high amount of enthusiasts.

We dared to practice paragliding in the company of a specialized guide. We will never forget the sensation of being suspended in the air. The silence in the heights and the warm air on our faces ornamented our observation of the work done in the local fruit farms below us. In the distance, we managed to spot some young eagles and hawks that seemed to be playing with their slow flight, taking advantage of the air, just like we were doing with our sail.

All these outings may be individual or shared with friends. We chose to go to a travel agency in search of specialized professionals. Besides, they have all the necessary accessories for each activity and their knowledge makes the occasion of reaching the best corners more pleasant.

On the road, we spotted some birds and understood some signs presented by nature, which we would never have known how to interpret otherwise.

“Nature does not ask for too much in return: only respect for the life that develops in the area, as every bush, hole in the cliff or waterway provides food and shelter for some animal species”, with those words our guide referred to his own respect for the planet.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Eduardo Epifanio

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