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Through an entertaining city tour around Formosa Capital City, you can make a journey to the Historical Past of the place and discover different facts that forged the singular identity ...

You depart from the vantage point by the coast- which has recently been inaugurated- where, from the very beginning, you get a majestic panoramic view of the twist of Paraguay River which was called Vuelta Fermosa in the past ( in old Spanish) and gave its name to the Province and its Capital City.

You go Northwards along the coast as you observe the picturesque boats that cross the river towards Alberdi City in Paraguay being the city of imported products and copies.

Always facing the river, you will get to the exact point where on April 8th, 1879, Commandant Luis Jorge Fontana founded the city attracted by the huge ravines being 20 meters tall that let you see beyond them a thick and perennial vegetation.

Since then, the Capital started to receive a great influence of European people, most of them coming from Austria or Italy, and, together with native communities gave a progressive spirit to the region.

  • The river and its boats

    The river and its boats

  • A chapel

    A chapel

  • Paraguay River

    Paraguay River

  • A journey to the Historical Past of the place

    A journey to the Historical Past of the place

  • The unique palm trees of the region

    The unique palm trees of the region

In this area, there is an old port, a modern cultural center of expositions and Prefecture buildings surrounded by a tidy park with arbors and benches where you can rest as you enjoy the river view.

On the corner of Paseo de la Costanera and 25 de Mayo Avenue - main street of the city and tour- the old Railway Station belonging to Belgrano Line is located. This building from 1915 was closely related to the commercial life and the economic development of the province. Proffessed as being of national Historical Interest, it is almost ready waiting for the rehabilitation of the transport service to Salta.

After settling up by the brook, the population was obliged to settle up from East to West. In a short tour along 25 de Mayo Avenue, you will observe the cultural evolution of Formosa Society.

The city itself has no architectural style. In an old pink building, you will find Juan Pablo Duffaurd Provincial Historical Museum. Inside, it keeps as treasures portraits of all the governors of the province, weapons that were used in the War of the Triple Alliance, an area devoted to native communities and another to the first immigrants of the region.

Further ahead, always along the same avenue, you will see Formosa Bank, the Governor´s Residence, the first school of ladies and the Institute of Native Communities where craftsmen of different ethnos get together and invite you to do a regional mini shopping. It is worth observing chaguar weaves and straw hats- crafts in a high expression.

Crossing the corner of this avenue with Moreno Street, we suggest that you take some time to observe the exquisite and simple front of the Cathedral. It has room for 2000 people, of Gothic style, it has two towers that end up in thin needles linked by a central ornamental front and a rose window in the middle. Inside, a bigger ornamental front lays on six circular columns. It is quite austere, having no greater ornaments. Inside, Our Lady of Carmen is venerated and the glass case containing the mortal remains of the founder of the city is placed.

Inside the National Bank, located on the corner of 25 de Mayo Avenue and Mitre Street, you can appreciate a sculpture made by José Pérez Célis called "Pájaro del Sol" ( Sun Bird). Some meters ahead, you will cross Estrada Spot, a street paved with bricks made of red breakaxe and illuminated with streetlamps of foundation times - ideal to go back in time for some minutes.

Along this tour, most of urban activity is concentrated- you pass by the main banks, public and historical buildings, restaurants and cafes.

You will finally get to San Martín Square which, with its arbors and colorful vegetation of lapachoes, chivatos, paratodos, white palm trees, yatays- among other species. It also has artifitial fountains, a skating rink and an amphitheatre that turn it into the main point to meet for Formosa people.

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