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Located in the northeast of the Republic of Argentina, Formosa is the Capital City of the homonymous province. The name of the city was given by a twist of Paraná River which is called "Fermosa or Hermosa" (Beautiful) Twist where a Jesuitical Settlement was located in 1673.

In order to get to the city, one can either choose to do it by car or bus through Nº11 National Rute or by plane to the local airport. Formosa is situated on a flat land with a slight dip to the east where there are estuaries and gorges that favour the growth of forests and meanders due to the water in excess.

Formosa landscape shows a colourful backwater and offers such a good climate that attracts any tourist. The climate is hot, humid subtropical and temperatures range from 22ºC to 33ºC in Summer and from 12ºC to 23ºC in Winter, presenting plentiful rains during the whole year.

Formosa is a dinamic and modern city with thick woods that come across the tourist at any time. There is a port in Paraná-Paraguay River Route that is an important means of income for the regional economy.

The city counts on big extensions of vegetable plantations but its main business is the timber farm of red quebracho, cedar and timbo.
It is a misterious region since it is no so well known. Currently, it offers adventure and contemplative tourism involving flora, fauna, rivers, crafts and beautiful landscapes in a high degree of purity and authenticity.
Among the activities one cannot miss in Formosa are the pirogue way down Monte Lindo Grande or Bermejo Rivers, horse-riding activities and fourtrax excursions in Guaycolec Natural Reserve, Isla de Oro (Golden Isle) and also in "Ing. Lucas A. Torelli" Botanical Forest Park.

The main attractions in Formosa City are the sober style of the Government House, the front of the Cathedral called "Nuestra Señora del Carmen", the tannin factory and the river resort by Paraguay River where an interesting practice of sport fishing is allowed.
Warm and hospitable people welcome the tourist to this fascinating land in a landscape created with a palette.

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