Fishing in the outlet of Pilagá Brook

Formosa is authentically exceptional for tourism in the middle of nature. Here, everything is offered as it has always been- virgin and pure. Out to fish...!!

Sunday. The deliciously slow rhythm of the anachronic cars that ride along Formosa streets seems to be eternal in the Northern access to the city. We will profit from one of the best fishing mouths that comes together with paraguay River- Pilagá Brook.

We let that in born lazyness of Formosa people get into us on this particular day of the week, we take Nº6 Provincial Route and head to "Pilagá".

Now, the route along which we are riding is not in good conditions, it has just a cracked layer of pre- pavement- which is not advisable to use-, no signaling, we ride among bumps and jumps... The rhythm is no longer delicious. However, we are lucky to have Freddy Iznardo that is more than a guide, he is a friend from North Littoral.

I have so many notes about what the guide said and explained about cultures, forests in galleries, animals, fish and so on that I could write a special edition about Formosa.

  • Tourism in the middle of nature

    Tourism in the middle of nature

  • “Fisher´s Paradise”

    “Fisher´s Paradise”

  • Calm formoseña

    Calm formoseña

  • The last rays of the day started waving goodbye

    The last rays of the day started waving goodbye

Since this is our last day in the Province, we did not want to leave it without trying to fish in one of the outlets of Paraguay River and, as Freddy knows what we want, he says that he is going to take us to "the best place to fish near the Capital".

After riding some kilometers, we passed by the town called Mojón de Fierro and, from then onwards, we entered the forest of the area. A passing cloud let a light drizzle fell on the kind-of-pavement and dust stopped flying in the air. We let the window down and smelled the particular smell of wet soil while a warm breeze announced that it was no longer going to rain.

Before going to the outlet of Pilagá, we stopped to observe the Chapel of the Virgin of the Port. Sixteen imperial palm trees welcomed us through a little path until the entrance of the temple. Inside, we contemplated the virgin´s image and the colourful vitreaux on both sides. Religious silence could be breathed in the dense air and invited us to take some time for meditation.

“Fisher´s Paradise”

This was the signal that read on the entrance to the outlet of Pilagá brook. Once more, Freddy had not deceived us- we were in the best place to fish near the city.

These sites are the most recommended ones to practice sport fishing.

Since inside of them, there are little fish circulating which are smaller than usual, bigger fish enter the channels to feed out of the smaller ones and then return quicklier to the bed of the main course, in this case- of Paraguay River.

In the area of Pilagá brook, there is a camping site with all the facilities to enjoy greatly your stay. Boat release, drinking water, electricity, restrooms and a short lawn preventing vermins from getting close to the place are enough conditions to enjoy a fishing day. However, there is no signal to communicate via mobile phones unless you climb a tall tree.

Once we had everything at hand- rods, lines, reels, hooks and "morenitas" that would be used as baits- added to the typical patience one must have until it bites, we got ready to fish.

Tereré ( cold mate drink) among us, guitar tunes, laugh and a friendly chat are the accurate and necessary seasoning to enjoy fishing in Pilagá brook.

The sun was setting. The last rays of the day started waving goodbye from the horizon. When we were almost losing our expectations of fishing a surubí, dorado, pacú or corvine, the fish bit and almost without any struggle a beautiful pacú surrendered into our hands.

Pacú fish has an oval shape with tight appearance and small tail, having a small head, mouth and eyes. It is greyish with pink shades that turn darker when they get to clear waters. It is a fighter and has a good appetite- it accepts almost everything that one offers and what is best, its white flesh cooked as "chupín" or with Roquefort cheese is ... delicious!

After a successful fishing day, we returned. When we arrived to the city, we said goodbye to Freddy, our new friend, who invited us to come back to Formosa in February to go on a piragua excursion along Clorinda, La Estrella marsh or Monte Lindo brook.

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