Things to do in Formosa

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Contemplative Tourism

Parque Nacional Río Pilcomayo

El Parque Nacional Río Pilcomayo se encuentra al noreste de la provincia de Formosa y cubre 47.754 hectáreas que bordean el río que le da nombre y limitan con la República del Paraguay.

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Reserva Natural Formosa

La Reserva Natural Formosa es un área de protección ambiental situada en la provincia homónima y fue creada en el año 1968...

Contemplative Tourism

Founders Tour

Through an entertaining city tour around Formosa Capital City, you can make a journey to the Historical Past of the place and discover different facts that forged the singular identity ...

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The Mission

A trip to the past of Formosa where Guaraníes and Franciscan Fathers were the protagonists that forged the identity of a city. Cultures with different creeds...

Contemplative Tourism

Crafts Shop

A place where crafts are not only objects to be used or to decorate but true representatives of the history, development and future of the three originate cultures of these lands: toba, pilagá and wichi.

BoatingPhoto safaris

Water Tour until Pykysyry brook

A different choice to let perennial Formosa landscape astonish you. An excursion that takes you to discover stories, myths and legends surrounded by nature in its purest state.


Juan Pablo Duffard Regional Historical Museum

Located in a building which was built in 1885 and belonged to the first governor of the Province- General Ignacio Fotheringham. It keeps objects that are evidence of great part of Formosa History.

Contemplative TourismFishing

Fishing in the outlet of Pilagá Brook

Formosa is authentically exceptional for tourism in the middle of nature. Here, everything is offered as it has always been- virgin and pure. Out to fish...!!

Contemplative TourismFishing

Camping Chuqui-cué in Herradura

Formosa environment offers an unforgettable experience revealing features of subtropical habitat full of nature. A strong desire of melting into nature arises inside of us...

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