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Ruta provincial nro 30, Esquina, Corrientes

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Mobile +54 9 3777 608460

Estancia La Pelada is located in Esquina, Corrientes Province, just 600 km from Buenos Aires.
In its 5000 hectares there are a large number of lagoons inhabited by various animals such as capybaras, yacarés, otters, turtles and a variety of bird species. You can also observe deer, antelopes, foxes, rheas, wild horses and many more animals in communion with their habitat, totally free. They offer transfers in our 4x4 vans and guided by connoisseurs of the area.

The horseback riding, touring the different circuits organized by our specialists the gauchos. We have very good horses trained to be ridden. We also have petisos for the little ones.
And how you can not miss the Meals. Another seduction of La Estancia La Pelada is its artisanal cuisine, which is complemented by european flavors to local dishes. The best Argentine wines will always accompany your meals.

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