Lake Torre, a Really Special Lake

Making us feel we are in one of the most impressive places on earth, the beautiful mountain trail from El Chaltén leads up to Lake Torre.

This is one of the most beautiful trails leading up into the mountains from El Chaltén.

Known as the road to Torre Glacier, it goes by a lovely little lake of the same name whose beauty never ceases to amaze trekkers who visit it.

Lake Torre is, without the slightest doubt, the goal of most of the walks lasting practically the whole day.

The trail begins behind Los Cerros Hotel and, after trekking for about eight hours, we were rewarded by the beauty of Lake Torre.

As soon as we set out, a National Parks sign clearly indicated where we were as well as the full road ahead to reach our destination.

  • One of the most impressive places on earth

    One of the most impressive places on earth

  • Lake Torre

    Lake Torre

  • The road to Torre Glacier

    The road to Torre Glacier

  • One of the best outings

    One of the best outings

The first stage was uphill interspersed with long walks until we came to the Fitz Roy, a glacier melt river of fast flowing, grey, freezing cold water.

Among others, it is Pliegue del Tumbado and the nearby mountain summits which catch people’s eye.
Their distinctive shapes become familiar after spending several days in El Chaltén.

We continued our trek and, before we knew it, we had our first view of the beautiful lake formed by glacier melt from the famous Cerro Torre (Mount Tower).

On we went until we had an amazing scenic view of this incredible lake and the road on the right leading as close as possible to the base of Cerro Torre.

Many trekkers stopped to enjoy the view and a welcome rest. So did we!

The only way to keep going is to cross the Fitz Roy with a zip line. However, this requires the guided tour service to Torre Glacier which can be arranged in town.

We had reached the end of our adventure hike. We had achieved our goal. The trek to Lake Torre is, without a doubt, one of the best outings El Chaltén provides.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Jorge González


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