Photo Gallery in El Chaltén

Postcard of Chaltén On the way to the Viedma Glacier Mount Torre Navigation to the Viedma Glacier Heading for Lake Torre Provincial Route 23 A view of <i>estancia</i> La Leona Los Glaciares Natioanal Park Las Vueltas River viewpoint Sunrise panorama Mount Fitz Roy or Chaltén Condor's viewpoint El Pilar Inn Vueltas River cascade Vueltas River valley Trekking along the Fitz Roy River Emerald green hue, Lake Huemul Mount Fitz Roy or Chaltén Viedma Glacier Lake of the Desert Huemul trail Lake of the Three, frozen Trail to the glacier Trail to the Fitz Roy Huemul Creek <i>Chorrillo del Salto</i> waterfall Ice world, Viedma Glacier Mount Fitz Roy or Chaltén Tyrolean crossing over the Fitz Roy River Panoramic view of El Chaltén Campsite, Lake Capri Chapel Lake of the Desert Natural drill In the middle of the natural environment A stop on the trail Trekking towards the Fitz-Roy Returning to town <i>Notro</i>, Chilean firetree or firebush Couple of woodpeckers Las Vueltas River On the Viedma Glacier On the way back from Lake Capri Lake Capri Capital of trekking A room with a view Tours and excursions A stop on the way to the Torre Glacier View of Lakes Mother and Daughter Watching the Viedma Glacier Lake Dirty Lake of the Desert Bridge over Las Vueltas River Trekking to the Fitz-Roy Sobre el glaciar Viedma The trail starts Fascinating Torre Glacier A postcard of El Chaltén The first photo of the day <i>Mata huanaco</i>, red flower bush Craft beer A view of <i>estancia</i> La Estela Mountain toys Bus station The Fitz Roy

Photo credits: Jorge González (4) Cristina Sabaliauskas - (97) Karina Jozami (32) Pablo Etchevers (1)
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