Rafting in the waters of the De Las Vueltas River

The De Las Vueltas River is one of the best destinations in Argentina for rafting with professional guides. The canyon of the river invites the most adventurous.

Expedition with Fitz Roy Rafting

The De Las Vueltas River is a powerful destination in El Chaltén, the National Capital of Trekking. There are several walks that discover wonderful panoramic views of the river valley that rises in the Desert lagoon and flows into Lake Viedma. For fishing lovers, it hides the precious taste for trout. At the same time, the river also offers a winding course with a succession of rapids, perfect for those looking for the adrenaline of those floated in the jurisdiction of Los Glaciares National Park.

The river is characterized by a pattern of meanders with high sinuosity and steep slopes due to the glacial process, whose encased paths of the middle sector constitute the pearl of rafting and then dissipate into a more undulating landscape to form almost a delta at its mouth. It is one of the favorite rivers in Argentina to practice the descent in gomones. To its portion of glacial origin is added the contribution of the rivers of the Forest, Electric, Fitz Roy, Milodon, Toro and numerous smaller tributaries.

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Fitz Roy Rafting

Lago del Desierto 475 (9301) El Chaltén, Santa Cruz

Cel: +54 2945-351919

Tour typeTour type: Rafting

DifficultyDifficulty: Moderate - High

DurationDuration: 2 hours

Opening hoursOpening hours: Daily departures


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