History of El Chaltén

El Chaltén is the youngest town in Argentina. It was created on October 12, 1985 and began as a settlement used by the Province of Santa Cruz to consolidate its sovereignty over this territory. In 1994, the inconveniences with Chile about the area known as Lago del Desierto were solved in favor of Argentina.

In 1987, the city was definitely populated and it has not stopped growing ever since, both as far as population and infrastructure are concerned. The work carried out by the neighborhood development committee of El Chaltén had much to do with the growth of this district.

Its first dwellers were European immigrants who settled down in the area with the clear aim of carrying out different tasks, such as sheep husbandry. The settlement was not easy for these people, as they had to face diverse interests, an unknown language and many times harsh weather too. The names of the streets of El Chaltén pay tribute to these first and brave denizens.

Many tourists come along to El Chaltén to practice various sports. All kinds of excursions, wildlife mapping, angling, as well as hiking, rafting or mountaineering for the most adventurous, are unique experiences that may be enjoyed amidst the imposing scenes of this area. Lake Argentino, Lago del Desierto, Piedras Blancas Glacier, Lake Viedma and many other natural attractions are must visit in the outskirts of El Chaltén.

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