Chorrillo del Salto

One of the most beautiful trips to do: Chorrillo del Salto Fall, a natural cascade that represents a unique attraction for visitors and lies a few minutes away from El Chaltén.

While in town, we chose to drive along 37 beautiful kilometers from every perspective towards the famous Lago del Desierto (Lake of the Desert).

With woodlands, rivers and snow-capped mountains second to none, the wonderful road features various panoramic views of Río de las Vueltas (River of the Bends), up to its source, where its waters meet those of the famous lake.

But our destination lay just 4 kilometers away from the town and it was a site with a beauty of its own, completely worth a visit. The Chorrillo del Salto Fall is a natural attraction, a perfect place for whoever prefers not to walk long distances or take highly difficult trails.

  • A natural cascade

    A natural cascade

  • Los Glaciares National Park

    Los Glaciares National Park

  • The river was jumping into the abyss

    The river was jumping into the abyss

Dozens of hikers leave the town to take the trails that lead to the famous fall. Wild flowers grow to both sides of this path that demands a bit more than an hour to the fall and back but certainly offers its own condiments.

Pictures from the fall and the various sites from where they are taken represent one of the most popular destinations for hikers in the small city.

We took the trail that gets into the woodland. Surrounded by trees and the typical local vegetation, we were invaded by oxygen. While we walked, we noticed the atmosphere was getting moistier and moistier as we approached the fall.

A feeling of cold took hold of our bodies and it was more than pleasant. This sensation was multiplied when we spotted the waterfall. Above, the river was jumping into the abyss and displayed its huge volume which fell into a beautiful pond of blueish green waters.

Resting, swimming or just looking around. Beyond the fact that there are other trails that turn out to be more valuable for hikers, the fall did not deserve any less attention.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Jorge González


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