Crossing to Torres del Paine

Besides its magnificent scenery, Torres del Paine offers diverse activities to do in the outskirts to enjoy unique moments and get to see this Chilean national Wonder.

In addition to being considered one of the most outstanding climbing icons worldwide, these mountains feature a wonderful scene made up by the prevailing blue shades after which they are named, because “paine” stands for “blue” in the Tehuelche tongue.

In order to reach Cancha Carrera international pass, travelers must go around the delightful sights of southern Chile and access Torres del Paine National Park. It is necessary to cross the Patagonian steppe from North to South. The journey takes approximately two and a half hours.

We got to Torres del Paine at around 10:15 in the morning. The cold windless weather was ideal to start this crossing in which physical agility would have a major role.

  • Noting the horns of Paine

    Noting the horns of Paine

  • Vigilante in height

    Vigilante in height

  • Salto Grande

    Salto Grande

  • Paine waterfall

    Paine waterfall

  • The Paine National Park

    The Paine National Park

  • Torres del Paine

    Torres del Paine

  • Full day tour

    Full day tour

Many of the activities available at the park depend on the willingness of visitors to walk and the adventurers’ physical conditions. Once inside the park, tours and attractions suit the preferences of all.

One of the most popular activities is hiking towards the very base of Torres del Paine, a truly amazing site.

The best panoramic photographs may be taken at Lake Sarmiento de Gamboa. Its wonderful natural architecture turns it into a viewpoint par excellence which enables visitors to grasp a magnificent sight of the surrounding scenery.

As we advanced around this peculiar and extraordinary postcard made up by peaks, mountains, valleys, rivers and crystal-clear water pools, we learned about the surprising wildlife that captured our attention at every step.

Extremely beautiful views emerge amidst the most remarkable sites for visitors to discover. There is always something else to see. It is impossible not to be captivated by the beauty of this landscape.

Other attractions in the area include Lake Amarga, Lake Nordenskjold, Salto Grande Viewpoint, Lake Pehoe, Lake Cóndor, Lake Toro and the National Park Interpretation Center, where material about the geological phenomenon may be found.

Lake Azul, the panoramic view of the Torres, the Paine River rapids, Mount Almirante Nieto and last but not least Cuernos del Paine (Paine Horns) are other sites that may become the destination of hiking tours and feature a majestic view from any location.

Every step we took made us fall in love with this paradise, with wondrous scenes that will remain forever in our memory. We certainly felt going on discovering many more gifts from nature.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Jorge González

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