Riding on Horseback around El Calafate

We discovered the secrets of the most wonderful scenes in Patagonia riding on horseback.

Very early in the morning, after having some delicious mates, we headed for Bahía Redonda in order to start our horseback ride. We had booked it the previous day and the guide had foretold a memorable outing.

Our ride started at Bahía Redonda, bordering the shores of Lake Argentino for approximately two hours. The view was breathtaking. We came across several groups of flamingos and black-necked swans, which barely noticed our presence.

We stopped every now and then to appreciate the wonderful panoramic view of the City of El Calafatefrom the surrounding hills. After our last stop, we got ready for the next ride.

  • The most wonderful scenes in Patagonia

    The most wonderful scenes in Patagonia

  • To get in touch with nature

    To get in touch with nature

  • We were being entertained

    We were being entertained

  • Unique and memorable

    Unique and memorable

We covered about 5 kilometers around Lake Argentino and reached the Walichu Caves. We stopped to take pictures of the prehistoric drawings still featuring vivid hues made by men thousands of years ago.

After getting past Lake Nimez and being delighted by the grand view of the city, we stopped for a while to have some rest and enjoy a delicious picnic on the lake shore.

We felt as if we had traveled back in time, in the knowledge that the pioneers used to rest at that very spot and then continue their journey to carry sheared wool to the City of Río Gallegos.

We went back to the road and, as we rode along, the guide told us about the areas we were crossing. The stride, trot and gallop of the majestic horses, along with their incredible appearance, made us feel we were being entertained in the best possible way.

We enjoyed every second of the ride. Every step, every scene, every experience was unique and memorable.

As we left the horses, we still felt in the mood for more. Then, the guide told us about another tour on horseback around the mountain. It takes several days and goes along the course of the Centinela River, getting deep into the forest and getting to the pass known as Los Baguales/Zamora, the crystal range, ending at Estancia Nibepo Aike.

Without hesitating, we booked that tour and went back to the hotel carrying the fresh memories of what we had just lived at the same time we were looking forward to our next ride.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Jorge González


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