4x4 Excursion to El Calafate Balcony

In El Calafate you can travel through the patagonian steppe in an off-road circuit to some imposing places and totally exclusive spots...

To go on this exciting cruising you must hire the service in any of the tourists agencies which sell this kind of outing.

The truck will pick you up where you indicate it to start your 15 km. expedition through these winding roads you will never forget.
Leaving from El Calafate you reach 1050 m. above sea level through the clay and pebble trail on the east face of Huyliche range.

While travelling cross-country the vehicle will go up and down and incline to the sides.

When you reach the Balcony you will have a panoramic view of the village and the east part of Lake Argentino, and if the sky is clear you can also see mounts Chaltén and Torre, and watch the condors fly.

  • The east part of Lake Argentino

    The east part of Lake Argentino

  • Fabulous scenery

    Fabulous scenery

  • The patagonian steppe

    The patagonian steppe

  • Secluded and southern region of the planet

    Secluded and southern region of the planet

You will have time to take pictures and contemplate the fabulous landscape while you feel the characteristic patagonian wind.
During this circuit you are very likely to come into guanacos and wild horses called "cimarrones".

You will go on climbing to the Stone Labyrinth, an 85 million years Cretacean formation where you can find fossils.
You will be enchanted at this place where you will find rocks of different shapes resembling wordly objects.
This route has been traced to cross the best looking places and fully enjoy the experience.

The driver has been trained by the best professional instructors in England to use all the equipment and sort out any kind of obstacles.

Autor Marcelo Sola Fotografo Marcelo Sola

DurationDuration: 3 hours


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