A day of fishing

With many expectations, we reached Corrientes Capital City. Unfortunatelly, these expectations faded away when we found an incipient tourism, eager to develop but having nobody to channel it. Receptive tourism agencies are very few and those operating offer the "typical city tour" or visits to Regional Museums.

Even when people's predisposition in the provincial tourism area is very good, the poor information they provide you with, made us depart to the interior of the province after visiting the architectonic patrimony of the city. We wanted to be in contact with nature and enjoy an attractive activity.

Fortunatelly, our next destination was Bella Vista, located 140 kilometers away from Corrientes Capital City. You must go along Nº 12 National route for 100 kilometers and the remaining 40 kilometers along Nº 27 Provincial Route. Bella Vista has an exotic beauty since it has yellowish sand on the verge of Paraná River which, at times, gives you the sensation of being in another country.

The huge orange plantations in the area provide with the chance of celebrating The Orange Provincial Festival in November. In February, Carnivals take place with a great display of floats and spectacular costumes shown by the different processions as they pass by.

  • The great treasure

    The great treasure

  • Paraná River hugs us with all its splendour

    Paraná River hugs us with all its splendour

  • Fishing with return

    Fishing with return

  • A party for the fisherman

    A party for the fisherman

There are comfortable hotels, cabins and camping sites equiped with all the necessary elements to have a nice stay.

Searching for the dorado

As we arrived, we went directly to the old pier where we met Jorge Velázquez who, together with his brother Osvaldo, organizes fishing outings. "After talking about the cost of the excursion and reaching an agreement, we decided that the best alternative was to look for the relax lost in the Capital" with the hope of catching a relevant catch- if it was a dorado; much better.

After putting the boat in the water- a fishing hull of 4.40 meters of lenght with a 40Hp engine, very comfortable for four people-, we went adrift down Paraná current as a burning breeze on our faces reminded us that we had left the sun screen.

For our peace of mind, Jorge is in charge of everything related to the equipment- four half action rods from 10 to 20 pounds, vertical reels that, for the features of the rivers are much more comfortable and maneuverable-, depth leads such as alive "mojarrón" and a few "morenitas" to use as bait. just the necessary equipment to enjoy the day.

After leaving the old pier, we slowed down the speed of the boat and started practising trolling- a fishing style on a boat using baits. "What are your expectations?"- we asked to our fishing guide since anxiety starts grapping us. " Let´s hope we are lucky. Fishing is that- and a bit of patience", answers giving us a piece of advise and trying to pass on some tranquility, "It will bite soon".

Jorge Velázquez has been a fishing guide for nine years but, as you ask him his age, he says:" Since always, I have always liked fishing", avoiding the question and being kind of shy trying not to say that he is 40.

Paraná River hugs us with all its splendour. The green coasts surrounding it let , in the far distance, escape the shouts of a "carayá monkey" looking for its female to bring him food. At this stage, countless boats pass by , full of fishing fans who find ( unawarely) in this ancestral activity, the connection with the most intimate part of survival.

"When we were already relaxed and trusting our luck or whatever Paraná River would want to give us, a strong pull turned the "cicada" on. " According to the way it moves and fights, it is a dorado"- said our guide.

Certainly, as we brought it nearer to the boat, its color- radiant golden- confirmed it. A beautiful piece being 65 cm long had been tempted by the "cucharita" - as baits are called in the jargon- and the poor fish ended up in our hands for the picture.

We must highlight that the pieces which are shorter than 70 cm must be returned to the river and, since we are men from Patagonia and we are used to fishing with return, if the piece had been longer, we would have returned it all the same.

I had never caught a dorado. The strengh and the abrupt movements made by the fish hooked by the bait are really SPECTACULAR. The best of it was the fact that it was a promising day.

Sunset from Paraná River

We switched the engine on and went up the river where we would practise "pindá", changing the fishing style. We put the baits aside and started fishing with alive baits.

During the trip, a young man shows us from the coast two shads fished with "pateja"- three hooks in one, a resource that catches the unfortunate fish that passes by exactly where the fisher is.

The time of the " morenitas" has arrived. These are little fish from the North of the Littoral which are a dish to dorados, surubíes and pacúes of the area. We hooked some of them and let mother nature act. Soon after that, the food chain allows another dorado to bite the morena and, consequently, our bait, providing us with another exciting moment. The 75 cm long fish, rendered at his destiny, lets himself into our hands. A few photographs were enough to freeze the moment and let him free.

Pleased at the shared moments during which the guides managed to respect our silence, we returned. As we were on the way back, Jorge told us the legend of the Yaciyateré - meaning " boy of the nap" in guaraní- a kind of dwarf that appears in the afternoon making people follow him into the wood, to get completely lost. We arrived to the coast as we played jokes about the esoteric story.

The last rays of the sun were saying good bye from the horizon. A reddish sky promised a beautiful following day. We liked bella Vista,so, we wanted to stay and know the attractive beaches on the following sunset.

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