Things to do in Corrientes

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Popular HolidaysFishing

La Fiesta Nacional del Dorado en Paso de la Patria

Como todos los años, durante el feriado del 17 de Agosto tiene lugar la Fiesta Nacional del Dorado en Paso de la Patria, Corrientes. Paraíso del pescador deportivo.

Contemplative Tourism

Murals with A Compass of Their

What does Piedra Buena, a cold city in Santa Cruz, have in common with Goya, a hot city in Corrientes?. The answer is simple: a popular art named Muralism has used its walls...

Contemplative Tourism

Parque Nacional Mburucuyá

El Dr. Troels M. Pedersen era un abogado dinamarqués, amante de las plantas, que había heredado unas tierras en la lejana Sudamérica.

Contemplative Tourism

City Tour around Corrientes Capital City

Hugged by Paraná River, Corrientes City keeps a unique architectural style which treasures relics having a great historical, religious and cultural value.

Contemplative Tourism

Cross of the Miracles Park

A place where emotions get together with charms and unique landscapes plus an endless number of activities that are possible on the verge of Paraná River.

Contemplative TourismFishing

A day of fishing

Running away from the noise of the city and going to Bella Vista ( Corrientes) is an ideal alternative to relax on the verge of Paraná River. You will contemplate its exuberant cliffs and go fishing.


Fine Arts Provincial Museum

Inaugurated on May 3, 1972, at 634, San Juan Street, housed by a building raised in the late nineteenth century, the Dr. Juan Ramón Vidal Fine Arts Provincial Museum is the synthesis...


Corrientes Historical Museum

A place where Corrientes History is told from its objects. A trip to the past through different rooms that help one to understand the idiosyncrasy of this society from Littoral.

Tourism in Corrientes

Its famous rivers, wetlands and jaguars, the effort made by its people and its musical tradition make Corrientes one of the most singular provinces in Argentina.

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