Cross of the Miracles Park

A place where emotions get together with charms and unique landscapes plus an endless number of activities that are possible on the verge of Paraná River.

A splendid morning, the clear sky and the warm climate made us , once more, get to the coast watered by the silent and cautivating waters of Paraná River which, due to the fact that has a rich and varied ichthyic fauna, makes the place the ideal one for those who want to practise sport fishing.

Bella Vista was founded in 1825 by Brigadier Gral. Pedro Ferré and it is surrounded by great ravines , yellow sand lands and estuaries and marshes full of birds.

The green orange trees in the area gave the occassion to celebrate The National festival of Orange in November. This festival calls people from every corner of the country.

From the coast, we could observe a giant white cross which captured our attention and ant took us to it.

  • Bella Vista landscapes

    Bella Vista landscapes

  • The silent and cautivating waters of Paraná River

    The silent and cautivating waters of Paraná River

  • The Provincial Queen of Corrientes

    The Provincial Queen of Corrientes

  • A giant white cross

    A giant white cross

We were surprised to discover that this was the Cross of the Miracles Park - an exclusive green area with a camping site which has all the required services to enjoy some days .

When we entered the site, we met Graciela Constanza Rivolta, a typical woman from Bella Vista who, appart from giving us her smile and cordiality, showed us the rest of the place.

"Cony", as she is called by her friends, was the Provincial Queen of Corrientes during 2003 and, as she says, she tried to represent her province the best she could.

After visiting all the area, taking some delicious "tereré" mates - typical from the argenean litoral- and enjoying the sand and water, we said goodbye to Constanza and Bella Vista, promising to come back some other time.

The park has a prking lot, a playground, complete restrooms, hot water, electric light, some rooms used as food shops, exuberant shadows and a camping area with quinchos and grills. An ideal place to enjoy delicious barbecues and fried fish.

On the verge of the river, beautiful ravines carved by wind show attractive natural sculptures.

We went there with "Cony" who certainly helped us discover Bella Vista and realize that the place not only owns its name to the unforgettable panoramic view of Paraná Delta but also to its own beauty.

This kind friend from Corrientes is blond, 1.65 m tall, she has brown eyes and her meassures are 90-60-90. In the future, she wants to become a lawyer and whether it is possible be a Penal Judge.

Autor Marcelo Sola Fotografo Marcelo Sola

How to get hereHow to get here: To get to Bella Vista from Corrientes Capital City, you must go along Nº 12 National Route for 100 kilometers and take Nº 27 Provincial Route and ride 40 more kilometers.

Cross of the Miracles Park is located on the verge of Paraná River , 500 meters away from the old pier.


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