Photo Gallery in Corrientes

Typical takle from Corrientes Excellent piece Church Cathedral Water hyacinth Joining the cities of Corrientes and Resistencia Woodpecker Provincial Fine Arts Museum Sunset on the lake Cayman from Iberá Angling on the Paraná River Colorful waterfront Dorado fishing Agustín Empedrado cliffs Air view of the lakes and marshlands 25 de mayo Square Branding in Corrientes Yaciretá Dam Marsh deer Dorado fishing Long walk Parque Cruz de los Milagros Capybara Gambling and amusement Recreation In search for the dorado Shady breakwater Recreation Across the marshlands Satisfied by a good catch El económico railsway station An ample view of the Iberá Marshlands Flying SCUBA diving in the marshlands Release, a good gesture Our Lady of Itatí Basilica Parque Cruz de los Milagros Colonial construction Galleries and yards La Merced Church Coni enjoying the water Melancholy Architectural detail Downtown street Angling SCUBA diving in the marshlands Couple's love Mercy's Church atrium Field work El económico railsway station

Photo credits: Secretaría de Turismo de la Nación (7) Jorge González (4) Marcelo Sola (5) Casa de la Provincia de Corrientes (59)
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