Museum of Spanish Art Enrique Larreta

At the heart of Belgrano neighborhood, we found a space which took us back to another place and time: the Enrique Larreta Museum of Spanish Art, a hidden treasure.

On Juramento Street, one block from Cabildo Avenue and at the shopping and bustling heart of Belgrano neighborhood, there lies this museum, once the house of modern writer Enrique Larreta. Visiting this venue is like touring around a European museum: it is entirely dedicated to Spain.

A Man and His House

The house which currently serves as the museum was built by architect Ernesto Bunge in 1886 with a Mediterranean design and surrounded by a large park. In 1894, it was purchased by Mercedes Castellanos de Anchorena and afterwards inherited by her daughter Josefina, Enrique Larreta's wife.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Larreta came back to settle down in Buenos Aires and brought a vast collection of Spanish art and furniture from France, where he served as a diplomat, for decoration purposes.

  • Portrait of Enrique Larreta

    Portrait of Enrique Larreta

  • The Green Color of its Paths

    The Green Color of its Paths

  • The garden is worth a visit

    The garden is worth a visit

  • A house Novel

    A house Novel

  • Library


  • The Andalusian garden

    The Andalusian garden

A Man and His Art

A remarkable intellectual figure of his times, Larreta, was mainly recognized by his historical novel La gloria de Don Ramiro (“The Glory of don Ramiro”). This wide collection today on view comes from the same period in which the novelist had started his long research to write this novel.

Spain and its Art

Within the walls of this museum, which are in perfect preservation conditions as well as its wood and ceramic floors, we found a huge collection of paintings and polychrome sculptures made of wood.

Larreta was mainly interested in the Renaissance and Baroque periods and, therefore, nearly all the works on display are related to religious art, like the altarpiece in honor of Saint Anne. We also found out works of art associated with the nobility and war, like authentic armors and a variety of weapons.

The Green Color of its Paths

However, one of the most interesting attractions is not the museum itself, but its garden.

Whether by the side gate or throughout the museum, visitors may enter and enjoy the unique experience of visiting the Andalusian garden. Crossing paths that guide us, well groomed bushes, exotic plants species, a variety of sculptures, a fountain and Moorish ceramic tiles. The garden offers a plenty of benches where visitors may sit down and simply spend a good time.

The garden is worth a visit. In a city which becomes much duller and noisier day after day, this place seems to be a miracle, a magnificent vestige of the past where people sat on a bench comfortably and watched the world go by under the shade of the trees. Within this scenery, architectural details come up.

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Contact of the excursion or tour

Museo De Arte Español Enrique Larreta

Juramento 2291 - B. Belgrano () Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Tel: +54 11-47844040

Tour typeTour type: Museum

Bear in mindBear in mind: In addition to the museum itself and the garden, the complex includes the Alfonso “The Wiseman” Library and the Larreta Theatre. It offers shows for audiences made up by both adults and children, courses of study and guided tours through the museum and its garden. Please ask for school and group visits. In summer, a wide range of activities is developed in the garden.
The museum also preserves and promotes the memory of Enrique Larreta and publishes some of his works and related subjects.


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