Fly-fishing in Caviahue

According to local sayings, there are spaces in this district where trout live, grow and abound.

Fly-fishing enthusiasm has increased lately in Caviahue, as shown by both locals and visitors, who have their own experience with appropriate rods and reels. Rivers, creeks and some lakes in the region offer anglers the chance to enjoy long walks and fly-cast with excellent results.

The catch-and-release policy is essential. This is a basic action for true fly-casters and aims at preserving species. It is important to stand out that the area does not possess any fish breeding station that may supply fish regularly.

We went on a short tour in the company of a regular visitor to this zone and asked about fishing at the first lake that appeared before us: Lake Caviahue. The high content of sulfur in its waters prevents any fish from living there. Therefore, there is nothing to catch.

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    An exciting moment

Lake Hualcupén, instead, which lies a few kilometers away from the district, is one of the most popular among anglers. The access road to this fishery is very pretty and displays the lifestyle of the local Mapuche communities, always respecting nature.

The flumes and pools of Hualcupén Creek must be identified in order to use the proper dry flies and nymphs. Middle-sized struggling trout are caught as a result.

Other nearby lakes include Trolope, Larga, Escondida, Achacosa and Rincón. The latter is famous for lodging large trout usually served at the restaurants of Caviahue and Copahue. In general, these fisheries provide rainbow trout and record specimens have come to weigh from 6 to 8 kilos. There might be larger ones too.

It is ideal to attempt fishing at the narrow creek mouths on the main course of the river. It is at these spots where fish wait for small insects and even crustaceans dragged by the current.

The technique consists in casting the lure upstream and letting it slide up to the point where the trout await. We could see that they bite almost immediately. According to local anglers, the reproducing adult specimens look for the depth of the lakes. These do surpass the weight mentioned before but are rarely caught.

Visitors are advised to bring their fly-fishing equipment as anglers will certainly have a pleasant surprise at these water bodies.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Pablo Etchevers


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