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Capilla del Monte is a different city featuring peculiar attractions hard to find in other metropolis. For instance: it has the first roofed street in the world.

A very rare site, incredible from all points of view. But the question that comes to the mind of first-time visitors is: where do we start?

Capilla del Monte has become very famous in the last few decades and a reason for this is the UFOs, the flying saucers, the famous Uritorco Hill and the intact mysticism held by its regular visitors and fans.

These people have managed to bring this singular feeling down from the mountain and turned it into such a natural thing that all the shops in the city have a magical rock, and esoteric incense, an UFO T-shirt or some amulet to sell; not to mention the houses where yoga, relaxation methods and other well-being practices for the mind and the soul are carried out.

  • The first roofed street in the world

    The first roofed street in the world

  • Colorful city center

    Colorful city center

  • Attractive woman clothing

    Attractive woman clothing

  • El Cajón Dam

    El Cajón Dam

  • Among the mountains

    Among the mountains

  • Department of Tourism

    Department of Tourism

  • Old railway station

    Old railway station

If this beautiful city was lacking something to catch the visitors’ attention, that was to be the first one in the world to have a roofed street. Believe it or not, Capilla del Monte has one of these in its downtown area.

Named “Diagonal Buenos Aires”, this street is one of the city accesses. It borders San Martín Square up to the old railway station, where the Tourist Information Office is housed today.

Before reaching this spot, the street literally enters the shade of a very modern metallic structure that acts as a roof. Underneath, a great deal of stores give shape to the most fashionable area in this small city: restaurants, newsstands, clothes and souvenir stores, galleries, all of them expecting tourists to go in.

But besides the city, Capilla del Monte features some natural sights that have lured visitors from all over the country.

Uritorco Hill is beyond all doubts the greatest attraction. It is an invitation not only to reach its base but also to go uphill.

Other mandatory sites to visit are La Toma bathing resort, Los Alazanes and Las Gemelas and Agua de los Palos Hill, only reached on horseback, where paragliding is practiced, even in tandem for those who wish to have a first-time flight in the wind.

On the other side of the road, there lies one of the most striking water bodies in the Punilla Valley: El Cajón Dam.

This is the destination chosen by most youths, both locals and tourists, who wish to freshen up, dive in or else practice some water sports, typical in this area.

Carp and silverside fishing is another attraction. At the local Fishing and Nautical Club, it is possible to rent a boat and spend the day or a few hours trying to reach the center of the lake, where the best catches are managed. Some silverside have weighed over one kilo and carps surpassing the ten kilos have been caught.

Exotic museums, an esoteric library, temples, theme parks dedicated to the UFOs and other rarities are part of the nature of this place that has collected its own fans over the years and adds more and more every day.

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