Things to do in Cachi

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Contemplative Tourism

A visit to El Algarrobal Creek

12 kilometres from Cachi, there is a unique place where a transparent mountain creek is the gathering point for local people in summer. An ideal place for <span style="font-style: italic;">mate</span>, roast meat, campfire and even make camp.

Contemplative Tourism

Arrows, Ravines and Fascinating Characters

Named after thousands of rocks shaped like arrow points aiming at the sky which provide a matchless physiognomy to this scene in Salta, <i>Quebrada de las Flechas</i> is much more than that.


Cachi Archeological Museum

The small village of Cachi keeps an unimaginable archeological and anthropological treasure in its surroundings. A place worth visiting with eyes wide open.

Contemplative Tourism

Cachi City Tour, White Town of Mine

Along its small streets of dust and stone, as described in a song by Joan Manuel Serrat, Cachi unveils itself for travelers who approach to discover its archeological and cultural wealth.

Contemplative Tourism

Calchaquí, the Longest River in the Country

The Nevado de Acay gives origin to a small water thread that turns into a river as it moves along. It drags various names along its course. After 3,000 kilometers, it empties into the Río de la Plata.

Contemplative Tourism

From Cachi to Cafayate along Route 40

The road winds around incredible rock formations and towns that seem to be slumbering but boast their own history.


Oliver Wine Bar, Eating Properly

Oliver Wine Bar is a distinctive place in Cachi and in the entire region. Not only will customers eat properly but they will also experience unique sensations that will invite them to stay for a while longer.

Contemplative Tourism

Opening the Gates of Cachi

Some trips are a must. Salta, the Obispo slope, the Tin Tin straight line and the small white village of Cachi are one of them. A tour to have a second look.

Contemplative Tourism

Parque Nacional Los Cardones

Entre cardones y flores de amancay, se despliega este Parque Nacional, un enorme bolsón de 65.520 hectáreas extendidas entre los departamentos de Cachi y San Carlos, a 100 km de Salta.

Contemplative Tourism

Red Bell Peppers in Cachi

It is fascinating to see thousands and thousands of square meters of intense ruby red color. What is that?

Contemplative Tourism

The Tin Tin Straight Line

One of the most beautiful scenes in northern Argentina lies just a few minutes away from Cachi. It is known as the Tin Tin Straight Line.

Tourism in Salta

The Province of Salta boasts a mild climate and the perfect charms to be chosen as a tourist destination. In addition to its natural beauties, the diversity of its denizens dazzles whoever comes along...

WineriesContemplative Tourism

Winery Colomé, 1831 harvest

157 km from Cachi, nestled in an impeccable and hidden nook of the Calchaquíes valleys, Colomé jealously grows the most ancient vines in the country.

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