A visit to El Algarrobal Creek

12 kilometres from Cachi, there is a unique place where a transparent mountain creek is the gathering point for local people in summer. An ideal place for mate, roast meat, campfire and even make camp.

Unfortunately, there is shortage of water in the north of Argentina.

Therefore, it is necessary to make the most of any spring either by using channels or dams.

After coming and going along dream trails, it is usually concluded that the wind, the mountains and specially the rugged landscape demand the presence of a river or stream in order to relax, refresh and, if possible, take a bath.

Something that may permit travelers keep going through the sometimes inhospitable though beautiful scenery.
It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon and it was around 30ºC.

  • 12 kilometres from Cachi

    12 kilometres from Cachi

  • Old but colorful iron bridge

    Old but colorful iron bridge

  • Northern landscape

    Northern landscape

Cachi is a beautiful little town, white from every point of view, with details in its streets and houses which invite tourists to go all around the area for hours.

But this time, the heat was beginning to win the game.

We had already visited the church, the museum, the town hall and the pubs. When we learnt that there was a creek called El Algarrobal only 12 kilometres away and that it was necessary to cross a picturesque landscape full of cacti in order to get there, we did not hesitate to begin the short ride. Along the road, we could also watch the hard work done by wine and tomato producers.

El Algarrobal is a small but beautiful mountain stream which turns into a small river during the summer rain season and into which small streams empty at different points along its course. This means that downstream, water becomes cloudy, but its source is as transparent as a spring.

When it rains in the mountains, the locals know that rivers come down with an increased volume, which means that they can take a bath, keep some water in reserve and of course, fish.

It is known that there are no more trouts, but catfish are so big that if one is caught, a complete family could live on it for a whole week.

When the river rises, the fish leave their strategic positions and move down the river up to El Algarrobal, which is an excellent area to tempt them.

On the other hand, there is a beautiful primitive camping site by the transparent river, which could be reached by crossing an old but colorful iron bridge. It is a meeting place where both locals and tourists will find an ideal site to let themselves be carried away by the water. An endless resource which is to be used while it is still flowing.

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