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Wineries in Salta

Salta Wine Route

Texts: Marcelo Sola, Cristina Bozzoli - Photos: Palmiro Bedeschi

The most important region in the Province of Salta is Cafayate: a valley surrounded by mountain ranges, with an average height of 1,700m over sea level, more than 300 sunny days a year and thermal amplitude that may reach 18° C.
The dry weather, the wide thermal amplitude between day and night and the irrigation of the rivers of the area together with the underground water layers make up a micro-climate of special features.
The typical variety of the area is the Torrontés. This is the wine that, as a varietal, enabled Cafayate to transcend, even if the area is also proper for varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Syrah and Chardonnay.
It is significant to point out some new undertakings located at higher points in the world: Yacochuya, 2,000m and Colomé, 2,300m.

Viñas Resort
Cafayate, Salta
Ruta Prov. 21 Camino al Divisadero  Tel: +54 3868 42-2272  
Jose L. Mounier
Cafayate, Salta
El Divisadero 4427 - Finca Las Nubes  Tel: +54 3868 42-2129   email
Finca Montenieva
Seclantás, Salta
Seclantas  Cel: +54 9 387 4532679  
El Molino
Cachi, Salta
a 9 Km de la ciudad  Tel: +54 3868 49-1094   email
El Esteco
Cafayate, Salta
Ruta 40 y Ruta 68 - Cafayate  Tel: +54 11 5198-8000   email
Bodega y Viñedos Nanni S.A.
Cafayate, Salta
Silverio Chavarría 151- Cafayate  Tel: +54 3868 42-1527   email
Bodega Colomé
Ruta Provincial 53 Km. 20 - Molinos 4419 - Salta  Tel/Fax: +54 (3868) 49-4044/ 43   email

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