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Texts: Marcelo Sola, Cristina Bozzoli - Photos: Palmiro Bedeschi

Genetically related to Cabernet Sauvignon, although they do not feature the same capacity of adaptation, this grape was also originally grown in the Southwest of France.
As a varietal, Merlot develops well in Alto Valle, in the Province of Río Negro, Luján de Cuyo, Maipú, and Cruz de Piedra in Mendoza and in the Pedernal Valley in San Juan and it has given very good results in Patagonia.
It is generally used as a blend in the making of Cabernet Sauvignon, to which it provides a soft touch of roundness to harmonize its harshness.
This grape produces sophisticated, elegant and round wines of full body. Notes of fruit -plums and morello cherries-, roses, spices, black pepper and cinnamon are present in its taste. The wine presents violet and red tinges whereas its brightness is not too intense.

Cluster: compact, bluish black, with conical shape.
Grapes: thin skin, round and black
Ripeness: early

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