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Texts: Marcelo Sola, Cristina Bozzoli - Photos: Palmiro Bedeschi

Ideal to become adapted to non-traditional climates and dry sandy soils, the torrontés is a Spanish white grape that started to be developed exclusively in the surroundings of Cafayate, Province of Salta and then spread to other Argentinian regions.
Its main feature is its bright crystal-clear yellow hue, with some green and/or transparent shades when approached to the light. Its aroma is reminiscent of jasmine and fruit of remarkable freshness. It is grown in Northwestern Argentina, at heights surpassing 1,200 meters MSL, where fresh usually dry and aromatic wines are managed. Their late-harvest varieties are the perfect match for deserts.

Cluster: semi-compact.
Grape: middle-sized, small. Strong skin. Fair yellow.
Ripeness: early to intermediate and long in the case of late-harvest versions.

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