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Wineries in Río Negro

Río Negro Wine Route

Texts: Marcelo Sola, Cristina Bozzoli - Photos: Palmiro Bedeschi

This is the southernmost viticultural region in Argentina. The High Valley of Río Negro meets ideal weather conditions for the production of wines that will be the basis for sparkling wines made mainly from the Semillon grape. Likewise, varieties such as Pinot Noir and Merlot manage a balance between sugar and acidity reminiscent of European wines.
The best virtue of the area is the strong wind, as it produces dryness in the environment, thus avoiding the appearance of diseases. This is translated into the possibility of producing organic wines, without the addition of agrochemicals.
The great thermal amplitude- especially in the Fall, when the fruit matures, enables the grape to do so slowly and perform a better accumulation of acid sugars and flavors.

Bodega Noemía Patagonia
Río Negro
Carlos Pellegrini 961 - Piso 1 - Bs. As.  Cel: +54 9 2941 530412   email
General Roca, Río Negro
Ruta 22 km 12,5  Tel: +54 261 498-2330  
Humberto Canale
Chacra 186 - J.J. Gómez  Tel: +54 2941 43-0415   email
Bodegas Estepa
Río Negro
Ruta 22 km. 1208  Tel: +54 299 477-1758   email
Chacras de Sol
General Roca, Río Negro
Tronador 1276 - R. Nac. 22 - Km 1177  Cel: 15-632409   email
La Falda
Cipolletti, Río Negro
M. Espinoza a 700 m de la Av. de Circunvalación  Tel: +54 299 477-3168   email
Agrestis S.A.
General Roca, Rio Negro
Gobernador Castello 1800  Cel: +54 9 2941 641269   email

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