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Wineries in Catamarca

Catamarca Wine Route

Texts: Marcelo Sola, Cristina Bozzoli - Photos: Palmiro Bedeschi

This is one of the new areas that make part of the viticulture Argentinian map. With its sandy very stony soils, a little clayish, with template continental weather, which temperatures experiment a wide oscillation between day and night and with an average altitude of 1,500 meters, Catamarca meets optimum conditions for the production of high quality fine wines.
The fine varieties that have undergone the best adaptation process are Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.
Until a short time ago, only table grapes (for fresh consumption) and raisins were grown in Catamarca. Nowadays, experts are in search of replacing those vines with others that may allow taking advantage of the potential of this area for the making of fine wines.

Vittorio Longo
Tinogasta, Catamarca
Barrio Los Robledos  Tel: 42-0483   email
Vinos Don Tristan
El Recreo, Catamarca
El Recreo - Santa María  Tel: +54 3838 42-2740  
Santa María de la Vid
San Maria, Catamarca
a 3 Km de la ciudad  Tel: +54 3838 42-0925   email
Rodriguez Ferrero
Tinogasta, Catamarca
San Martín s/n La Puntilla  Cel: 15-470313   email
Jorge Amado
Santa María, Catamarca
Av. 9 de Julio s/n - Santa María  Tel: +54 3838 42-0925  
Finca Don Diego
Valle de Fiambala, Catamarca
Valle de Fiambala  Cel: 15-5261947   email
Elias Saleme
Tinogasta, Catamarca
Santa Rosa s/n  Tel: +54 3837 42-0026  
Elias J. Seleme S.A.
Tinogasta, Catamarca
Av. Córdoba s/n - Tinogasta  Tel: +54 383 442-0026  
Cuello Roca
Tinogasta, Catamarca
Copiapó 566  Tel: +54 3837 42-0367   email
Cabernet de Los Andes
Tinogasta, Catamarca
Fiambala - Tinogasta  Tel: +54 11 4433-0824   email
Alta Esperanza
Tinogasta, Catamarca
25 de Mayo s/n  Tel: +54 3837 42-0699   email

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