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Texts: Marcelo Sola, Cristina Bozzoli - Photos: Palmiro Bedeschi

In this section, you will find small producing establishments referred to as "Bodegas Boutigue". These wineries usually have a very limited production, though they share passion for wine, taking good care of it so as to print a philosophy of quality, excellence and originality on them. The results of dedication, effort and personalized work are true works of art.
Sometimes these products are hard to find, although they have gained a privileged position in good wine shops.

Finca La Anita
Finca La Anita
On one of the Andes Mountain Range slopes, at the foot of the highest peaks, Manuel and Antonio Mas decided to rescue the ancient customs in winemaking, obtaining as a result limited productions of pure varietals, which gained good positioning in the most demanding wine shops in the country.
In the seventy hectares of vineyard that make up Finca La Anita, you can experience the most concluded obsession for the care and selection of grapes that will end in the making of a wine which, from its aging, reaches superlative levels as far as quality is concerned.
Each bottle of Finca La Anita carries the history of the vintage it belongs to, the procedure used for its vinification, the carefulness and the demand deposited in the making of a wine that contains the hope of being interpreted as the fruit of the effort of its makers.

Outstanding Products:
Cuarto de Milla
Finca La Anita
Finca La Anita
Located only 18 km from the City of Cafayate, where the Conchas Ravine begins, in a unique place inside the valley, Peña Veyrat Durvex produces fine select handmade wines.
Mario Ernesto Peña, along with his two children, makes exquiste Torrontés and varietal Malbec and Cabernet wines. The cutting-edge equipment in the winery enables the creation of a very high quality wine with a unique personality. Extreme care is taken from the pruning of the vines to the storage of the wine in French and American oak casks. Furthermore, the winery provides accommodation in the recently inaugurated Wine Boutique Hotel.

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