SCUBA Diving in Viedma – Carmen de Patagones

SCUBA diving is one of the ways man has discovered in order to enjoy the secrets of the sea. The Gulf of San Matías, close to Viedma and Carmen de Patagones, is ideal to practice this sport.

Starting at the Cities of Viedma and Carmen de Patagones, fans of SCUBA diving must take National Route 3 heading for the District of San Antonio Oeste and reach a gravel path that will lead to Punta Mejillón, one of the best sites to dive in the waters of the Gulf of San Matías.

Various ramps let vehicles and watercrafts access the sea shore. Therefore, it is common to see RIBs and jeeps or trucks on a fishing outing or just getting close to quiet areas to try SCUBA diving immersions.

Some large fish, among which groupers, wreckfish and sea salmon stand out, may be discovered during these immersions, as well as plenty of the varied marine flora that lures divers from all around the country.

Bahía Creek and Caleta de los Loros are the sites chosen to dive in from watercrafts. This sea location features excellent visibility and invites visitors to experience the shallow depths. Thus, it represents an ideal destination for beginners who wish to try diving in the sea.

In the same way, the bottom is seen mostly covered in mussels and algae.

A baptism in these waters is perfect for beginners, who soon succeed in enjoying everything visible under the water without any need to dive too deep.

SCUBA diving is quite unexplored in this area of the Gulf of San Matías as compared to other sites where the same activity is practiced more often and has significantly affected the zone and the marine fauna dwelling in the surroundings.

In these waters, the Atlantic Ocean perfectly combines its blue and violet shades with the cliffs on the shore in such a way that sunset is dazzling from every point of view.

A unique postcard whose protagonists are the waters of the Gulf of San Matías.

Autor Pablo Etchevers

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