Things to do in Viedma

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Contemplative Tourism

<i>El Cóndor</i>, a Fabulous Beach

Just twenty minutes away from Viedma, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Province of Río Negro, <i>El Cóndor</i>, is the site where holidaymakers meet.

Contemplative Tourism

A Tour around the City of Viedma

Viedma is a modern city where every detail deserves attention. Almost the site for the new capital city of the Argentine Republic in the 1980s, it features vestiges of those times.

Contemplative Tourism

More of the Old Carmen de Patagones

A list of historic sites for those willing to dig into its past. An invitation to explore every single spot Carmen hides.

Tourism in Río Negro

The Province of Río Negro stands between the Andes Mountain Range and the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Both ends feature different geographical traits and are popular due to their tourist destinations.

Contemplative Tourism

Sightseeing Tour around Carmen de Patagones

Carmen de Patagones invites tourists to discover its history on their own. A trip to the past to understand the present and the future.


SCUBA Diving in Viedma – Carmen de Patagones

SCUBA diving is one of the ways man has discovered in order to enjoy the secrets of the sea. The Gulf of San Matías, close to Viedma and Carmen de Patagones, is ideal to practice this sport.

Hotels and accommodations in Viedma

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