The Streets of Tupungato

A un paso de las actividades de montaña, del turismo de estancias, de viñedos y de aventura, esta ciudad que tiene todo lo que se necesita para pasarla bien.

The City of Tupungato is known as the High Wine and Nut Capital of Argentina. A visit to it will reveal why this urban settlement in Valle de Uco lying barely 86 kilometers away from the City of Mendoza has been given that title.

We faced its main square, where old adobe houses give evidence of the long history of this town. The house once owned by doctor Ernesto Piaggi and the ancient school named after Professor Dionisio Chaca are part of the historic shell. This also represents the civic center, as the town hall building, the police station and the fire department buildings are located in the proximity of this area.

Once in the square, we observed a water fountain and the figure of General José de San Martín, worshipped by the entire people of Mendoza and, especially, in the regions he crossed to reach neighboring Chile.

We resolved to have a cup of coffee at one of the coquettish coffee-houses located on the main avenue, called Belgrano. We made ourselves comfortable at one of the tables on the sidewalk and enjoyed watching the people going by. Most restaurants, coffee houses and other gastronomic venues and stores lie on this artery. Some are turned into pubs where drinks and music may be enjoyed after midnight till the small hours.

We observed the busy traffic and crowded streets and reflected upon the local economic development. We were told about the main agricultural and cattle-raising features that have become well-rooted throughout 150 years. The climate and its contribution to the soil have made it possible to manage unbeatable horticulture and plantations of nuts, fruit and especially vines, which gave origin to the industry of canned products and wine-making.

Two family wineries have remained in the center of the city and may be visited according to timetable availability. Both Nono Coletto and Mirador de Estrellas are boutique wineries that also offer tasting sessions for season canned fruit and nuts.

The center of the city is not too large but it has an extra condiment for visitors: accommodation venues and rural tourist services lie just five minutes away from the urban area. It is not necessary to walk too long a distance from the suburban residential neighborhoods housing local families, as well as cabins and apartments for rent.

When we asked about the wineries lying on Cordón del Plata, we learned that they are not directly open to visitors. A prior reservation is required or else, a tour may be hired in the City of Mendoza.

Its cultural life includes the traditional festivals of the district, such as the Grape Harvest Festival and the foundation anniversary celebration. Two times of the year when nobody stays at home and everyone "pushes the boat out”.

Tupungato made quite an impression on us as a thriving city, with many new buildings but still preserving its low houses, its quiet lifestyle and the pleasure of welcoming everyone who wishes to pay a visit.

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