Things to do in Valeria del Mar

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I Love My Beach

Outdoor enthusiasts like us, who consider it is necessary to leave a better planet for our children, usually join the campaign for clean spaces.

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Shopping Center and Food Yard

When compared to other more important seaside resorts, the commercial center of Valeria del Mar has nothing to envy, as all the needs and whims of the summer can easily be satisfied at this location.

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The Simple Things in Valeria

This is one of the most popular destinations among families who visit the Atlantic Coast in search of quietness, sea and lots of sand. Children and grown-ups are happy alike. All this thanks to Valeria…

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City Tour around Valeria del Mar

It was named after Valeria Guerrero, Felicitas Guerreros sister. Felicitas was the former owner of these lands which today lodge a quiet seaside resort with delightful vegetation, coffee-shops, pubs and houses...

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La Elenita House in Ostende

Just a few blocks away from Valeria del Mar, immersed in the sand hills of Ostende, lies one of the oldest summer houses at the seaside. And it has a lot to tell.

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City tour in Ostende

Right next to Pinamar, this district emerged from the dream of two Belgian men: Robette and Polín, who bought these lands from the Guerrero family to build a city that would remind them of the one...

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The <i>Gaucho</i> City

Any spot on the Atlantic coast may be the starting point on a tour around the most rural cities in the Province of Buenos Aires.


Golden silverside

It is the ideal alternative when the weather is not nice at the beach. The paradise for anglers lies a few minutes away from Valeria del Mar, namely at <i>La Salada Grande de Madariaga.</i>

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Visit to the Old Hotel Ostende

Ostende, the neighboring district, boasts one of the oldest hotels on the coast, which still preserves the original structure of the first years of this seaside destination.

Tourism in Buenos Aires

The scenes contained by the Province of Buenos Aires are quite different: the countryside, mountains, large cities, lakes, the Paraná Delta and the wide array of beaches on the Atlantic coast.

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Atalaya: The <i>Croissant</i> Stop

From time immemorial, making a stop during a journey to or from the Atlantic Coast has represented the perfect excuse to grab a cup of coffee with the most renown <i>croissants</i> in the country.

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