I Love My Beach

It seems incredible that vacationers should spend the day on the beach and leave a dump of dirt and bottles on the sand when they leave, as if this waste would disappear as if by magic.

A special campaign to raise awareness of the importance of cleanliness on the beaches is being successful at the Atlantic Coast. Valeria del Mar is part of it and it has put into practice the international guidelines proposed by Surfrider Foundation.

On the first morning we stepped on the sand, we noticed a special care and immediately understood it was the result of the actions taken by the employees of the beach bars. Afterwards, we noticed the existence of signs that invited visitors to improve the conditions of the beaches and, as a result, the cleanliness of the area close to the sea.

It was a great surprise for us to see a group of parents with their kids combing the beach and picking up each bottle lid and each crushed beer can and put it inside a bag.

We felt proud to see this behavior, but at the same time, we wondered why it is necessary to carry out such measures. The answer is very simple: because some people throw dirt and they believe “somebody” is going to pick up what they throw away.

  • The Atlantic coast

    The Atlantic coast

  • Posters inviting improve

    Posters inviting improve

  • A pleasure

    A pleasure

  • Timely advice

    Timely advice

  • Love our vacation spot

    Love our vacation spot

It is well known that most elements thrown on the beach do not degrade spontaneously. It takes years for a cigarette butt, for a plastic bag or an aluminum can to disappear. The rubbish that is not picked up ends up in the sea and the ocean also suffers deterioration.

As far as dogs are concerned, it is forbidden for pets to visit the downtown beach. If visitors choose to take them, they should opt for faraway beaches and pick up their stool.

Lying on our deck chairs as we were getting a tan, we devoted some minutes to chatting with a family about this phenomenon. Like all these kinds of actions, it is essential that everyone contributes to preserving the quality of the water and the beach environment.

This campaign is already in practice throughout the world in order to take care of rivers, mountains and seas, not only during the summer but year round. Let us do our part so that lying on the sand becomes a real pleasure.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Pablo Etchevers

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