Moto GP in Río Hondo

Río Hondo is the leading, state-of-the-art motor racing circuit in Argentina for all car and motorcycle categories.

Termas de Río Hondo car track can be said to have evolved a lot and put both national and international car and motor racing in the limelight.

We became familiar with the venue during the great race which brings together fans and lovers of Moto GP, the highest category at world level, equatable to Formula 1 car competitions. It was quite an achievement for Argentina to be included in the calendar for the first time. Thanks to the effort and countless meetings of many people involved in international races, Río Hondo was finally chosen to host the competition.

Many years had gone by since an extremely successful similar race was held at Buenos Aires car track.

  • GP international formula

    GP international formula

  • GP, the highest category at world level

    GP, the highest category at world level

  • Flawless circuits

    Flawless circuits

  • Fans and lovers of Moto GP

    Fans and lovers of Moto GP

The circuit complied with all the rules and requirements of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM). The approved layout, cutting-edge technology already in use in more experienced tracks, outstanding safety measures and the improvement of access roads are but a few of the changes. In addition, new stands, VIP stands and boxes were built and an electronic chip admission system installed. Besides the comfort provided to the general public, sponsors, press and federation authorities had excellent facilities.

Nothing was left to chance: flawless circuits, state-of-the-art boxes, the latest infrastructure and comfort. The world’s top pilots could display their skills and those of us lucky enough to watch them took in every detail of the races. Watching and listening to the roaring 1000-cc engines made by Honda, Kalex, Suzuki or Ducati was a dream come true.

“Crossing the finish line before the others was no easy feat,” said the winner. Having the best pilots in the world was the highlight of the competition which also included other categories, people from many different countries and beautiful girls escorting the sponsors.

We visited the spectacular building housing the Río Hondo Automobile Museum in the same venue. It boasts antique and modern cars which have taken part in sports races as well as motorcycles, clothing, helmets and so on. Giant screens in a thematic bar tell the story of trademarks, pilots and famous machines as well as of a driving school.

April 2014 is the miracle date included in the federation calendar and expected to go on year after year in the outstanding Río Hondo racing circuit. Born in 2008, fans dream of watching Formula 1 on its tracks in Argentina.

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How to get hereHow to get here: Termas de Río Hondo racing circuit is 6 kilometers from the city, next to the hot springs.


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