City tour around Termas de Río Hondo

Talking about thermal tourism has always meant Termas de Río Hondo. First, it was said to be for senior citizens, then the place became popular with youngsters. Nowadays, the hot springs belong to everyone.

The thermal springs of Río Hondo are located on the banks of the Dulce River in the province of Santiago del Estero. According to many, the biggest thermal city in Argentina is formed from its natural groundwater layers. The services rendered together with the hotel facilities, in harmony with the water resources, show a new concept of tourism that combines health, pleasure and recreation.

This great “thermal resort” has subtropical warm and dry climate with scorching summers and mild winters, with an average annual temperature of 21º C.

However, it is the water which sets the temperature in the place and in the visitors’ stay. These waters are rich in salt and minerals, thus creating one of the most significant therapeutic systems in the world of hot springs. Classified as alkaline, they contain bicarbonate, chlorosulphate and small quantities of iron, sodium, phosphorus, iodine, arsenic, fluorine and bromine which are in ionic state, that is to say, charged with electrical energy, thus having great strength and effect all through the body.

  • New Hotel Rio Hondo

    New Hotel Rio Hondo

  • Casino


  • Artisans


  • Downtown street

    Downtown street

  • Traditional tour

    Traditional tour

  • Cultural Center

    Cultural Center

  • Hundreds of handicrafts stalls

    Hundreds of handicrafts stalls

Man Cannot Live by Water Alone

Apart from the famous train touring around the thermal springs, the dam and the local casino, and stopping at almost all the city hotels, there are other sightseeing excursions to visit the thermal city.

The dam, with its reservoir, is the center of water activities where one can practice sailing, water sports and the fishing of dorados which are the main protagonists of these waters.

The golf course, in the Municipal Field, provides a place for hundreds of fans that come every year to play while enjoying summer weather as they walk the greens.

Horseriding and agricultural tourism are some of the activities practiced during the day and, as time goes by, more and more options are offered in nearby estancias. At sunset, tourists go to theaters, cinemas, pubs, restaurants and the local casino and bingo, which acquire as much importance as the thermal waters.

Those who enjoy walking can visit the church called “Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro", which dates back to 1945. Other places to visit are the Municipal Palace and the General San Martín Cultural Center. At the hundreds of handicrafts stalls and markets, it is impossible not to find local products made by true craftsmen from the region.

For all these reasons, Termas de Río Hondo is much more than just water. There is much to enjoy there.

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