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HOT SPRINGS and SPA in Argentina

Spas in Argentina

Spa in Argentina

A spa is a health venue where relax therapies or treatments in which water is a main element are offered.

From the moment they became popular, the exact origin of the word "spa" has not been established yet. Some people assert that it refers to the Belgian town called Spa, known in the times of the Roman Empire for its healing baths. Others assure that such word comes from a phrase in Latin: salus per aquam, that is to say, "health through the water".

The truth is that in the last few years, spa and beauty and health treatment centers have multiplied remarkably, both in tourist destinations and in the big urban settlements, where the idea of coming to a halt and feeling good has managed to attract a great deal of enthusiasts.

As a part of what today is referred to as "health tourism", the spa centers have succeeded in occupying a position in the agenda of many tourists who organize their trips to these specific destinations.

Face and body treatments. Thermal baths with medicinal mud or water. Hydromassage. Vapors, Scottish shower and sauna. Massage and kinesiology. Cosmetology and gym. Reiki and yoga. All this, along with other elements, are part of the activities to be developed in these real treasures for pleasure and relax, where the most important thing is to have a close encounter with ourselves.

Spa in Argentina
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Did you know?

Did you know?

A drilling procedure to discover hot spring water costs around 1,000,000 Dollars. After research is done and the soil is studied carefully, almost 100 % accuracy is managed to estimate whether there is thermal water underground. However, this is only confirmed once these layers are reached. Therefore, the process may either succeed or end in an utter failure.

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